YouTube Debuts Samples – A New Music Discovery Tool

YouTube Debuts Samples A New Music Discovery Tool

We’re all becoming increasingly familiar with the TikTok swipe model. Watch a short video. Swipe up to reveal the next clip. Repeat. It’s the ultimate way to consume content and, for many, the easiest way to fall behind on work. 

Dozens of different apps have copied TikTok’s winning formula in recent years. Instagram’s Reels and Snapchat’s Spotlight, for example, both mirror the vertical swiping style of TikTok. Now, YouTube Music is joining the party. 

YouTube’s Samples’ lets you find new music by swiping through curated recommendations within the Youtube Music app. It recommends songs based on your listening habits, plays the artists you love, and introduces you to some you may never have heard of.

Samples works a little differently than the standard YouTube Music algorithm. Normally, the site recommends similar content based on what you’ve previously listened to. While Samples will do this, too, it will also focus on suggesting new songs — some similar to your current tastes, others completely different.

Samples’ Menu contains several key features, such as the ability to react to the music you hear, play a song you like in full, or start a radio station based on a specific tune. Naturally, there’s also a share button, so you can let all your friends know you’ve just discovered the next best sound. 

YouTube Music has been around for a while. Just under eight years, to be precise. The app has the most extensive user base of any music streaming service worldwide but still falls short of Spotify and Apple’s successes when it comes to paid subscriptions.

Perhaps this new feature is an opportunity for YouTube to capture new users. Perhaps not. But there’s little denying this is an exciting way to discover new sounds. The Samples feature is set to roll out today for both Android and iOS users. 

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