Threads Finally Unveils Web Browser Version

Threads Finally Unveils Web Browser Version

Threads has experienced mixed successes since its unveiling back in early July. Within two days of launch, the app reported an astonishing 49 million daily active users. By the end of the same month, however, the social media platform’s user base had declined by 82%. Ah, well, the hype couldn’t last forever.

Despite this notable downturn, Mark Zuckerberg remains ruthlessly optimistic about the platform’s potential. In a recent post, he stated that the community is on the trajectory” but admits there is still lots of work ahead”.

Part of Zuckerberg’s plan is to gradually increase the number of functionalities the platform provides. In its current state, Threads simply doesn’t have enough of the features that competitors offer. For example, the app still has no search functionality or direct messaging. 

Another pressing issue is that Threads is currently inaccessible on the web. Visiting threads​.net on any browser simply brings users to a QR code that they can scan to download the app on their phones (how very 2023).

Fortunately, that’s all set to change. Head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced on his profile last Friday that a web browser version of Threads is on the way. While he didn’t reveal a concrete date for the change, we can assume it will arrive sometime in the next few weeks.

It isn’t far-fetched to predict that Zuckerberg launched a partially-finished Threads ahead of schedule in a bid to capitalize on the rapid decline of X (previously Twitter). Millions of users are growing increasingly frustrated with Elon Musk’s contentious approach to leadership. Zuckerberg likely saw an opening and took it, probably in the hopes of providing a new home to users fleeing from the flames as Musk burns Twitter to the ground. 

Adding a web browser version of the platform is a step in the right direction for Threads. While the feature won’t be enough to topple Twitter alone, it’s a vital soldier in Zuckerberg’s war of attrition. Who will come out on top? It’s all up for grabs. Tune in next week on battle of the billionaires’. 

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