Tag Heuer’s Website Easter Egg is Equal Parts Interactive Fun and…

Tag Heuers Website Easter Egg Is Equal Parts Interactive Fun

As web designers, we all appreciate a well-implemented Easter egg. An interactive design hidden away in the corner of a website may not do a great deal for functionality. But it certainly improves the user experience for anyone who discovers it.

Tag Heuer probably isn’t the first company that comes to mind when you picture quirky online Easter eggs (Google takes that crown). The luxury Swiss watchmaker is better known for technological precision (and eye-watering prices) over charming surprises. But they’ve really hit the mark on this one.

If you head over to Tag Heuer’s website and visit the individual product pages, you’ll notice a pleasant little surprise. The pictures of the watches tell the real time, no matter where you are in the world. 

Tag Heuer’s digital watches tell the actual time down to the second. Credit: Tag Heuer

For example, I’m writing this article as the clock strikes 15:45 pm, the same time that I screenshotted this image. Note that the watch face also shows the correct date.

In addition, the website even allows you to click the buttons on the side of the watch to stop, start or reset the second hand. 

Tag Heuer’s ingenious Easter egg is a testament to the power of sleek, effective design. It’s memorable, captivating, and fun. But it also gives users a window into how using a Tag Heuer watch feels. The opportunity to test the timepiece may just convince an oscillating customer to commit to a purchase. Now that’s clever marketing.

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