Reddit Change their iOS App Icon to Low-Quality Pixel Art

Reddit Change Their IOS App Icon To Low Quality Pixel Art

Reddit’s recent iOS app update introduced an unusual change. The iconic OrangeRed icon has been replaced by a pixel-art illustration of the Reddit mascot’s head. Previously, Reddit’s icon was smooth and unpixelated. Now, the social networking giant has reformatted the image to make it simpler, blockier, and, above all, lower quality.

Reddit users do have the option to switch back to the default icon. Unfortunately, this is locked behind a paywall. Users must purchase Reddit Premium for $5.99 per month or $6.99 through the iOS App Store.

Why Reddit made this decision is unclear, but users were quick to scrutinize the change online. Most believe the new logo is a complete downgrade and a terrible replacement for the original iOS icon. Many are understandably frustrated that they must sign up for a premium subscription if they want to revert to the default icon. 

Reddit has been no stranger to controversy in recent months. An unpopular icon change seems almost trivial compared to the social networking site’s contentious decision to charge third-party developers for access to its API. Still, a low-quality change to the beloved icon certainly isn’t going to win over a disgruntled fanbase. As we head into the latter months of 2023, it seems that Reddit is keen to compete with Twitter for the illustrious title of most-scrutinized social media organization’.

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