Intel Releases Update for its Developer-Focused Mono Font

Intel Releases Update For Its Developer Focused Mono Font

Intel unveiled Intel One Mono in mid-June. Since then, it’s become a firm favorite with developers looking to streamline their workflow and alleviate eye strain. 

The typeface was designed exclusively with developers in mind. It promises legibility, clarity, and every other word that describes something being easy to read in a terminal (they know exactly what we devs want).

Now, Intel has revealed the latest version of their specialized font. Version 1.3.0 promises several new accessibility features and — yes, you guessed it — changes that make the typeface easier to read.

The new update doesn’t alter anything monumental, but it does introduce several small quality-of-life improvements. For example, the new calt feature allows you to raise the colon to align with operators. The typeface also updates the artwork for Unicode characters such as endashes, emdashes, graves, and hyphens.

Intel One Mono is one of many developer-oriented typefaces currently available for coders. For a popular alternative, consider the creatively named JetBrains Mono.

All in all, this is a great time to be a developer. It’s refreshing to see several major organizations taking the time to release typefaces tailored to our needs. You can view the complete list of changes and download Intel One Mono Version 1.3.0 by visiting the GitHub page today.

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