Dear AI Lets Users Generate Intimate Letters in Seconds

Dear AI Lets Users Generate Intimate Letters In Seconds

Crafting a heartfelt letter is a forgotten art in the modern day. The convenience of rapid emails and thoughtful Facebook posts means sitting down with a pen and paper is now considered a positively outdated pursuit.

Dear AI hopes to offer a compromise. The program combines ChatGPT’s generative AI with handwriting software, enabling users to create personalized messages for every occasion.

The Dear AI process is deceptively simple. First, you choose the type of message you’d like to send, whether that be a birthday card, sympathy note, or love letter. Then, you select the tone you’d like to express and specify any details you’d like to include. Dear AI then creates a personalized letter in seconds.

Dear AI is still in the early stages of development. Several features are still planned for the future, including handwriting recognition, social media integration, and letter scheduling.

The generative-AI program is currently free to use, but customers will have daily limitations unless they opt for a Premium plan. Paid features include unlimited letter generation, more themes, and access to all other upcoming features whenever they arrive.

Is it possible that Dear AI is another step in the wrong direction? After all, we just acknowledged that writing a letter is an exercise in personal expression. The mistakes, imperfections, and lack of coherent flow synonymous with handwritten notes are part of what makes them so personal. Many would argue that Dear AI, despite its best efforts, eliminates the very things that make letters so poignant.

Another outlook is that Dear AI is bridging the gap between technology and tradition. Spending hours crafting an intimate letter is a luxury many don’t have in the digital world. Perhaps Dear AI is the ideal compromise. A thoughtful letter for someone you care for, without the inconvenience.

Whichever stance you take, these are exciting times for AI. You can try the program for free by visiting the Dear AI website today.

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