Gives New Web Design Inspo With Every Visit

Collectedli Gives New Web Design Inspo With Every Visit

Inspiration is an ongoing battle for web designers. Finding new, innovative websites can feel like a losing battle, especially when many of the most exciting designs originate from lesser-known domains. 

Fortunately, Jonas Pelzer is offering a solution. Collected is a web design gallery that displays eight attractive websites at random each time you visit the page. The site currently chooses from a pool of 2929 designs — some new, some old, some that aren’t even in use anymore.

For example, when I first visited the page, I found an advertisement for St. Patrick’s Festival in Ireland alongside a link to American photographer Spencer Lowell’s Portfolio. Pretty eclectic.

If you’re concerned that you’re going to find a lot of junk before you find anything useful, don’t worry. Fortunately, each of the 3000 websites has been handpicked by Jonas Pelzer, meaning you won’t need to spend hours searching through the rough to find a diamond. 

The beauty of Collected is that it also displays websites you wouldn’t be able to find with a standard Google search. When I first visited the site, I was recommended a Spanish website promoting the recycling of corks in Barcelona. Would I have stumbled on this website organically? My rusty Spanish says likely not.

All in all, this is a great website for designers searching for a quick hit of inspiration. If you’re stuck on your next project, give this one a go. You can try the gallery for free today by visiting the Collected​.li website.

Max Walton

Born in Cardiff Wales, Max relocated to Brisbane when he was 12. He’s spent the last five years developing expertise in the Fintech industry. When he’s not posting about Web3, you’ll find him on a paddleboard.

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