Apple’s New OLED iPad Pro Models Could Arrive as Early as Spring 2024

Apples New OLED IPad Pro Models Could Arrive As Early

Rumors are circulating that the newest iPad pro model could feature an OLED screen. These new displays would be a significant upgrade on the standard LCD Displays used on all but one iPad model (strangely, the 12.9‑inch iPad Pro uses a Mini-LED screen, instead). 

OLED is even cooler than you think.

So, the question is on everyone’s mind. Does OLED actually matter? In short, yes — especially for designers. The pixels on Apple’s current LCD screens rely on fluorescent backlighting. In the proposed OLED displays, each pixel will light up individually. This means the new screens will be crisper, sharper, and more vibrant. In short, they’ll look incredible.

Big news for designers

Additional benefits of OLED iPads include higher contrast and improved battery life. For designers and artists, this means better designs, more vibrant colors, and more time to be creative before its time to recharge.

OLED is just around the corner

As of now, we have no confirmed release date of Apple’s OLED displays. The public eye has recently been fixated on the Apple Vision Pro, which is set to launch early next year. With the tech giant’s tendency to roll out iPad Pro models at 18-month intervals, we could be seeing the debut of Apple’s exciting OLED iPads around the same time.

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