Apple Reverses Decision to Move iPhone End Call Button

Apple Reverses Decision To Move IPhone End Call Button

AppIe’s iOS 17 update is set to introduce a number of exciting features, such as the ability to transcribe text to audio in real-time and record video messages if someone misses your FaceTime call. 

Sadly, though, each of these new functions has been overshadowed by something far more severe. The iPhone call button’s location has changed, moving from the lower center of the screen to the bottom right. Sixteen years of muscle memory overridden, just like that.

This seemingly inconsequential alteration was causing millions of users to accidentally FaceTime their friends and relatives — surely the worst possible outcome when you’re trying to hang up the phone.

Why did Apple make this change? Apparently, it was to accommodate the upcoming Contact Posters feature. That said, it can’t have been that important, because Apple were quick to reverse it following backlash from the community.

The latest iOS17 version, Developer Beta 6, moved the end call’ button back to its original location. No-look hang-ups are back on the menu. Users were quick to jump on Twitter to celebrate Apple’s monumental decision.

The first set of iOS17 betas rolled out in June. Apple will probably reveal the full extent of the new operating system next month before releasing the update to all devices sometime around fall.

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