Apple is Designing its Own AI Chatbot

Apple Is Designing Its Own AI Chatbot

Apple is reportedly building a new chatbot, aptly nicknamed Apple GPT’, but they currently lack any solid plans for how to use it. The chatbot uses its own language model, known as Ajax, which is based on Google Jax, a framework designed to accelerate machine learning research. Although Apple recently banned their staff from using ChatGPT, workers have reportedly been allowed to test Apple’s new chatbot internally.

Apple’s chatbot is still in the early development stage, and the organization has no intentions of releasing anything anytime soon. Perhaps Apple is holding out for AI to develop further before deciding how best to use its chatbot. Maybe they’re simply waiting until they can offer something innovative.

Apple has been notably absent from the AI space in the last six months. Given they usually like to be at the forefront of technological innovation, many are perplexed as to why the tech giant hasn’t capitalized on AI’s surge in popularity. In the meantime, Google’s Bard has raised the stakes with a number of exciting new updates. Is it too late for Apple to enter the market?

Perhaps Apple is simply waiting for the right moment. Perhaps they aren’t quite sure what that moment is yet. But, if Apple’s history of innovation is anything to go by, we can expect the new chatbot to offer something fresh and exciting for developers when Apple finally reveals their hand.

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