Adobe’s New ‘Generative Expand’ Tool Lets Users Extend Images with AI…

Adobes New ‘Generative Expand Tool Lets Users Extend Images With

Adobe has intermittently updated Firefly with new AI features since its launch in March 2023. The AI program initially centered on image generation in a bid to rival competitors like OpenAI’s DALL·E 2. In May, the tool expanded, adding Generative Fill and vector recoloring to its repertoire of AI capabilities.

Now, Adobe has unveiled its latest helpful AI update. Generative Expand is a new frictionless workflow dedicated to expanding images beyond their original bounds”. The tool allows users to extend the dimensions of their image seamlessly. The new canvas size automatically fills with AI-generated content that blends with the existing image.

To get started with the feature, designers simply need to select the crop’ tool and expand the dimensions of their image. Users can also create an optional prompt to indicate the content they’d like the AI generator to fill the space with.

Users can add prompts to their designs to indicate their desired content. Credit: Adobe

Once the user is happy with the dimensions, they simply click generate’. The AI tool will automatically fill the space with content, expanding the image without compromising resolution.

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Generative Expand will automatically generate content to fill the new canvas. Credit: Adobe

Generative Expand is an outstanding tool. It will allow designers to create new, custom images in significantly less time. It even allows users to rotate and extend images without risking a loss of quality.

Firefly will integrate into Photoshop sometime in the latter half of 2023. But, if you’re keen to test out the AI’s capabilities, you can try the tools today as part of the Photoshop Beta. If you’re not part of the beta yet, you can find out more on Adobe’s FAQs.

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