20 Best New Websites, May 2023

20 Best New Websites, May 2023.

This month, there are tons of great new agency websites to get excited about. 3D animated prisms are a popular theme, and typography is getting bigger and bolder. Plus, discover some stellar small sites that defy expectations. Enjoy!

Contra Bureau

Contra Bureau uses beautiful typography and gorgeous transitions to present its design services with a slick and appealing site aimed at high-value clients.

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Manon Jouet

Manon Jouet is a freelance designer whose work we’ve featured before. This humorous and inviting site does a great job of making him feel approachable and professional.

Manon Jouet 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6

Studio Kleiner

Studio Kleiner is a Swedish creative studio that has chosen to present its portfolio as more of a sketchbook or reel. It’s a fun site to browse through, and the adaptive menu is excellent.

Studio Kleiner 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6


Erudera is a directory site of different college and university courses, broken down into an easily searchable resource. The design is clean, cheerful, and rammed with optimism.

Erudera 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6


AdviceGuide uses clean typography, textures, animated gradients, and a calming color scheme to transform advice for financial advisors from dull to engaging.

Advice Guide 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6


Adept uses a fun, abstract machine visual to sell a new way of working with AI that it has yet to devise. It’s about the only approach they could take under the circumstances, but it does it well.

Adept 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6


Optimo uses a cool spinning 3D prism version of its logo to add interest to an otherwise understated page. It’s well executed and memorable. Don’t go looking for a portfolio, though.

Optimo 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6

Ekrem Elmas

Ekrem Elmas has an impressive CV, but his portfolio’ site is disarmingly simple. It’s a single page that you drag around to explore his past projects and roles.

Ekrem Elmas 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6

Shop Mr Beast

The brutalist trend seems dead and buried, but Shop Mr. Beast proves that trends can persist well beyond their use-by date and that sometimes, a particular style just fits.

Shop Mr Beast 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6

Mark My Images

Mark My Images is a super-simple one-pager for a multi-platform app that watermarks, resizes, and renames bulk images. With all the complex sales pitches out there, this one is refreshingly no-nonsense.

Watermark 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6

Express Shoe Repair

Shoe repair isn’t the most glamorous subject for a website, but this excellent site for Express Shoe Repair in Manhattan uses fine typography and fantastic imagery to highlight the craft skill involved in keeping NY’s crowds walking.

Express Shoe Repair 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6


The Executive Experience from Iambic entitles you to custom pair of sneakers made to fit your feet for the most comfortable experience possible. Its site is far more colorful than its shoes.

Iambic 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6


AndAgain is a large creative agency with an awe-inspiring client list. Its bold site features bulging effects when scrolling to keep you engaged. It’s both simple and thoroughly engaging.

Andagain 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6


OKCC Labs is another creative studio using a prism to add visual interest to its landing page. The play of rainbows of light as the lettering is distorted is superbly rendered.

Okcc Labs 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6

Val d’Oca

Val d’Oca is an Italian wine brand with a particularly delicious-sounding prosecco. Elegant transitions and an attractive palette make the site relaxed, summery, and appealing.

Val D Oca 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6

Pixel Poetry

Pixel Poetry is a lovely little site that helps you write poetry with a simple three-step process. Find words in a story, drag and drop them into order to write your poem, and then publish it.

Pixel Poetry 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6

The Mammoth Meatball

The Mammoth Meatball is an interactive guide to a cultured meat product derived from the wooly mammoth. It uses outstanding illustrations to explain a complex and unconventional product.

Mammoth Meatball 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6

C2 Montréal

C2 Montréal is an outstanding creative business event in Canada this May. Big typography, bold colors and gradients, and embedded video combine to make an unmissable website.

C2 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6

Dream Date

Dream Date is a fun side-project that uses AI to help you create the perfect date location for you and a special someone. You can browse other people’s locations if you’re stuck for ideas.

Dream Date 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6

The Sun Project

The Sun Project is a creative agency specializing in social media campaigns. Its mildly anarchic website is bold, brave, and perfectly hits the right tone.

The Sun Project 0d0dcdb45e6eb89b4dbd7379b0730ab6

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